Companies developing sales, marketing and communications strategies to promote their products and ideas often invite PEMC INC to the table. From pre-launch throughout the product lifecycle, we participate in the identification of key messages and the development of content, as well as the testing of clinical content and marketing messages before key opinion leaders (KOLs) and healthcare providers. We also identify and evaluate opinion leaders, emerging leaders and allied health professionals who can help inform and direct the marketing strategy.

PEMC is at the table at all stages of strategic consulting:

  • Pre-launch, to understand the market trends and develop disease state strategy
  • At launch, to have maximum impact
  • Post-launch and throughout the product lifecycle, to interpret feedback and analyze trends

PEMC also serves as the eyes and ears of our clients when they need research and analysis around key initiatives and events.

Business and strategic consulting

Leading up to product launch, we work with our clients to organize and facilitate advisory board meetings by:

  • Identifying KOLs and emerging thought leaders
  • Cultivating relationships with healthcare professionals and associations
  • Developing surveys and drafting discussion guides
  • Moderating peer-to-peer meetings and advisory boards
  • Capturing feedback and market intelligence
  • Producing detailed analyses of feedback and outlining recommendations

Market research

PEMC provides consultants and moderators to support all types of qualitative research projects. We have moderators with extensive backgrounds in study design, discussion guide development, questionnaire development, analysis and report writing. We have broad knowledge across therapeutic categories exploring patients’ and physicians’ clinical experiences. We have supported research associated with new product assessments, positioning and messaging, creative concept testing, brand identity, market landscape assessment, visual aid testing, direct-to-consumer advertising campaigns and medical device research.

Recently this work has included exploration of emerging technologies in diagnosis and treatment, including biologics and biosimilars.

Conference participation

Participation in national and international meetings and congresses provides significant opportunities for our clients to position their products and ideas, interact with key influencers and understand trends affecting their business or regulatory environments. However, it is often impossible for them to be in multiple places at once.

PEMC researches the congresses and meetings that would be of most value to our clients and and outlines recommendations for how to maximize their participation.

PEMC functions as part of the client’s team at these events, sitting in on sessions, facilitating introductions, leading issue-based roundtables and capturing actionable feedback in professionally written reports.

From the smallest of meetings to the largest of world congresses, we provide:

  • Conference session summaries
  • Market and competitive intelligence from scientific posters and product theaters
  • Opinion leader introductions, analysis and feedback

Typically, PEMC identifies and recommends KOLs for informal or formal meetings at national and international congresses, based on our clients’ marketing and business goals. We then develop the invitation, discussion guide and follow-up communications, facilitate the meeting or serve as a reporter, providing top line feedback with recommendations for next steps.

Conference reporting

Whether at a large professional conference or in a closed-door advisory board meeting, PEMC functions as a reporter and analyst, producing comprehensive reports that detail feedback and key learnings; highlight important trends; and outline suggested next steps. Clients rely on PEMC reporters to be knowledgeable about their business and cull essential insights from in-depth, highly technical discussions.

Sales and marketing support and development

We offer sales training on a variety of subjects, developing the content and delivering the training for train-the-trainer programs. Our training extends to the sales force and marketing executives.

Topics have included:

  • Mentoring Programs for the Mentor and Mentee
  • Facilitations Skills Training
  • Adapting The Sales Call and Using Technology
  • Communication Style
  • Handling Questions and Objections

Educational consulting

Depending upon the industry, educational programs are often a key part of our clients’ sales and marketing process. We help our clients to assess the educational needs of their audiences and stakeholders. We develop materials and facilitate educational programs.