Companies that engage internal or outside speakers to deliver content—such as scientific data or marketing messages—on their behalf trust PEMC INC to train the speakers to present the material with optimum impact. Before a speaker steps to the front of a room full of stakeholders, PEMC ensures the delivery of the presentation is thoughtful, polished and well tailored for the audience.

Presentation skills training

It is no secret that a well trained speaker makes all the difference in how the material is remembered and how the message is received. PEMC uses our comprehensive curriculum to train public speakers in presentation techniques in both the mechanics of public speaking—eyes, voice, cadence and gestures—and impactful delivery of content. We also prepare speakers to handle questions and objections effectively, by working with them to anticipate challenging feedback and coaching them to prepare and rehearse their responses. And, while we make sure the speakers we train take their preparation seriously, our exercises are fun, interactive and engaging.

Introducing PresentR


PEMC is proud and excited to be part of PresentR™, a groundbreaking approach to developing and sustaining presentation skills. PresentR is a software-based coaching tool which provides instant, objective feedback so speakers can see, feel and hear their delivery immediately.

Using a sensory technology device connected to a user’s computer, PresentR software watches movements, eye contact and gestures, while also listening to words, pauses and filler words, and provides immediate feedback. The software will evaluate skills, track progress, report on improvements and provide playback capabilities.

It can be used in a variety of settings—at events with a live coach or as a virtual coach for ongoing individual training and practice. PEMC’s partnership with t3 interactive, a leader in learner-centric software, fits ideally with our long-standing and well regarded speaker development practice.

Companies’ compliance and marketing departments love this approach because they can customize training to monitor speakers’ use of “power” words or phrases they want their speakers to use and emphasize, as well as “watch” words, which they’d like speakers to avoid.

Approved slides are loaded into the system for practice, so speakers train and practice with the actual content they will be presenting.

Our programs in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States and Latin America have seen great successes, as doctors urge their colleagues to try PresentR and then come back to us to improve their scores.


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Content coaching

Whether speakers are developing their own presentations or presenting pre-approved slide decks, PEMC coaches them in presenting material in an interesting and impactful manner. We impart strategies for engaging their audiences and supporting key messages with illustrative examples. For clients whose content is subject to strict regulatory requirements, we work with them to ensure they remain on message consistent with approved content. We also train speakers in techniques that prepare them to answer any kind of questions or challenges they encounter.

Program development and support

We provide speaker development in a variety of contexts and settings. Often our workshops are offered as part of larger speaker training programs; for example, in clinical content. PEMC trainers lead small groups in exercises that help them become comfortable with the content, find ways to personalize it, learn how to engage audiences and prepare for questions. Other times we work directly with sales and marketing teams, equipping them with essential skills for effectively promoting their products and ideas to their target audiences.

Regardless of the setting, we ensure speakers walk away with the ability to speak on behalf of the companies they represent with the utmost proficiency and professionalism.