Medical Moderators Meeting Facilitation

PEMC INC was founded as a company rooted in medical meetings, providing medical moderators and facilitators. Our current lines of business have grown from these roots.

Our clients wanted to be in the room to listen and absorb feedback, but found it more effective to have an experienced third party moderating the program, facilitating the discussion or co-leading the program with one of their specialists. Experience had proven that discussion flowed more freely when a professional moderator walked around the room probing for specific feedback. They also found that engaging a third party moderator relieved them of responsibility for onsite logistics.

Today, PEMC offers a full spectrum of options, ranging from setting up the slides, introducing the speaker, moderating Q&A and collecting feedback to running the entire meeting and everything in between.

Medical moderators

We moderate programs, whether on site or via webconference, and produce detailed summaries for:

  • Pharmaceutical product promotion programs
  • Hospital-based continuing medical education (CME) programs
  • Disease awareness medical education programs
  • Scientific exchange forums

Advisory board facilitators

At the other end of the spectrum, we facilitate lengthier interactive programs, such as advisory boards or peer-to-peer meetings, designed to engage participation of experts in discussion of proprietary product issues prior to product launch.

Following a detailed discussion guide, our facilitators ensure our clients obtain the feedback they are looking for as data is being presented. We are the client’s eyes and ears in the room, we know when to probe, and we get to the heart of advisors’ concerns and opinions through skillful facilitation techniques.

Written analysis

Regardless of the type of program, our clients receive a detailed summary of the meeting, extracting key findings, analyzing trends and outlining follow-up action. These reports allow our clients to understand physician questions, concerns and hot buttons—all information our clients need to successfully market their products.

Medical writing and editing

PEMC consultants are well versed across healthcare disciplines; including a number of professional writers and editors. For this reason, our clients turn to us to distill vast amounts of information and feedback into clear and useful information, which companies use in their product marketing. We are proficient in a variety of writing style guides including the AMA Manual of Style.