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Pharmaceutical Education and Marketing Consultants, Inc.

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PEMC INC ~ What We Do

The dynamic nature of our clients’ business environments inspires us to always think ahead

and develop new tools and techniques for their education and communications toolkits: 

 • Program Moderating

 • Medical Moderating
 • Speaker Training
 • Meeting Facilitation
 • Sales and Marketing Support
 • Program Development and Support
 • Educational Consulting 

PEMC INC ~ International Experience

Our consultants have conducted programs in:

PEMC INC ~ Where We Work

PEMC INC is located just outside Philadelphia, within the pharmaceutical corridor of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


We have completed programs in all 50 states and in 28 countries.

Domestically, our programs are held in all of the major metropolitan areas, as well as the smallest towns and rural areas, and by teleconferencing and web casts, enabling our clients to reach the most diverse range of audiences and stakeholders possible.

Internationally, PEMC INC has led and supported a variety of programs around the globe. Our consultants have facilitated discussions, and presented at programs, as well as provided editorial and logistical support for programs, including international advisory boards, world congresses, and train-the-trainer sessions.


In facilitating programs internationally, we draw on our insights into geographic markets and business customs, our experience working on five continents, and our team of multilingual trainers and moderators.